2014 is ending, that’s usually the time to take a quick look back. So, what can I say about this year?

First, that both my determination and inspiration are still growing. I have so much ideas and wishes that I can’t even make them all concrete. It’s a matter of patience, of time, always. But I am persistent. Also, I must say this year has been full of commissions and various requests, and it’s a great thing (as everyone, I have to live…), so I had less time for personal works. But, working on personal images, exploring and testing news ideas, visions, is of course very important for me, it’s primordial, so you will always see more of them, even if they are a bit less than before. Overall, all people I worked with, this year, were all very interesting and with great ideas/requests. Believe me, that’s a chance and I really hope it will continue !

Concerning my recent personal images, I think we can say that they have been influenced a lot by some topics I feel very close to and interested by such as cosmos, mythology and ancient world. Because yes, all of this is connected.

Anyway, I’m not very good at talking about myself, so let’s see what has been done this year…


Of course, I didn’t put all the graphics and works made this year, some are still in progress or are just waiting to be released by the clients, but some other booklets and various other projects in textiles, events or logo are also visible, just check them out in the main menu.

Well, I hope you liked this little retrospective. Whoever your are, thanks for supporting my art, old and new followers from everywhere.

Much gratitude.

Pierre-Alain D.