How to get artworks from you?

A: First, look at the existing images in the available artworks gallery, maybe there is already what you searching for, then just contact to get information about how to purchase it.

Not the thing you’re searching for or have a particular concept in mind? No problem, I can make something new, just drop me a message and expose what you would like, I will answer you asap to tell you my feeling about it.


What is the price of an artwork?

A: All projects are discussed independently, but for sure, my rates are lower than an agency. For more information please feel free to contact.


Can you work images on a particular concept?

A: Yes, but please remember that I’m not a machine, I’m here to help you in your project, but I am and I rest the graphic designer, so I need a fundamental notion of freedom in my work, the result will be better in this way. If you have your concept, send me a mail with all informations I would need, it includes : some of my images as reference (to see what you’re searching for) but also external image references if you think it is necessary, colors, ideas, global shapes, etc… well, all that run through your head, and that could help me to see what you’re expecting from me. In any case, remember that there are a lot of existing images which are still available, take a look at the personal gallery, maybe there is already something that could fit your project?


What is exactly the “personal” gallery”?

A: This gallery contains most of my personnal images, and a lot of them are still available, just contact to discuss on how to get them.


Which artworks are still available?

A: You can see by clicking there which ones are available, feel free to contact if you’re interested in something.


How to proceed when I want to work with you?

A: Send me an email! Of course, I need all the informations about your ideas, any inspiration, eventually some exemples of images, references, colors, number of pages, number of products printed, etc… all that could help me to know the kind of work you exactly need. Please, try to be clear in your explanations, and to not send me too much files, otherwise, it might be confusing!


What do you need to start working?

A: After we agree about terms and what have to be done, depending the work asked, I will need some specific files, click here to download a brief check up of what I might need (PDF).


What are the delays?

A: The sooner you ask your request, the sooner you’ll have the finished work. As I often manage several projects at the same time, please don’t come and ask me a full work for the next week, I don’t like to work in hurry and this is not really respectful for me but also for your project. I usually need some few weeks/months to imagine/create/design/execute a full project. Also, please send me all the needed files at the beginning (guidelines, brief, texts, logo, etc…) and in one single message. Please note that edits along/after the work are not infinite and may be added into the final price, so take care about sending me the right version of your texts, lyrics, file etc at the beginning.


I emailed you& I still didn’t received an answer, WTF?

A: Well, don’t panic, despite the fact that I’m not the “boss of graphic industry”, I regularly received a lot of emails, and as I’m not a machine, most of the time, I need time to reply them all, but be sure I read all of them. So, the only thing I can tell you is : be patient, it’s just a lack of time, but I will reply.


What kind of project do you work on?

A: Any project with visual needs, it could be cd packaging & cover for music industry, books & DVD cover, illustration for mag and many projects else, images are everywhere and I’m not limited to any domain. So if you need anything “graphic” and “visual”, I am probably the guy you need.


Do you make logos?

A: This is not my favorite skill, so most of the time, I would say “no”, anyway, when inspiration comes, I sometime make some, specially when I’m already working on the band cover artwork, for exemple, or on the rest of the project.


Do you make websites?

A: I can, but images are my priority, just ask.


Can I buy some prints?

A: Yes, on my personal Society 6 store or Deviantart store but all my newer prints will be on Artstation from now.


Can you work for free?

A: And you, would you? The answer is obvioulsy no. I spend a lot of time working on my creations, it’s a real job that need years and years of experience, expertise, technique, understanding, efforts and investments. At your level, would you work for free? I don’t think so. I would work for free only for charity/humanitarian, environmental / animal / childhood protection / educative projects, or people / associations fighting themselves for a real cause. So please, don’t tell me you’re in trouble because you spent too much in the studio or anything else, this is not what I call “being in trouble”. Also, don’t consider that “giving full credits” is a kind of payment, this is not, and you know it.


What are your tools?

A: Computer (Intel core i7 2.80 Ghz, 16Go RAM), graphic tablet (Wacom), Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Photoshop CC, Indesign CS, Inkscape, eyes, brain, music, time, coffee, time, coffee, and still music.


Is there any copyright terms?

A: My work is not free. You cannot use any images in this website for commercial or personal use without my explicit permission. All images and design in this website are copyrighted 3mmi Design, all allowed projects containing my work with my permission must contain the proper credits. Any use of my work without my explicit permission will result in a legal procedure. If you see some of my images anywhere without my credit, or used without my permission, please inform me at 3mmi [@] Thanks.


Can I feature your work on my website?

A: As long as you are an art related website, as long as you put the proper credits (= my name + a direct link to my website -and not my Deviantart’s page) and as long as it’s not a for commercial / branding use (bands, companies, video clips etc…), you can, and I would thank you for that. However, I would appreciate you notice me and send me a link to the article/post.


Who are you?

A: That’s a good question, the answer is maybe there.


Something else?

A: I think that’s all for the moment. Oh, something, my first name is Pierre-Alain, not just Pierre.